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Why see an Osteopath?


Why see an Osteopath? As osteopaths, we can treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal and pain conditions (acute or chronic), including but not limited to: Arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid) Headaches and Migraines Neck and back pain Sciatica and nerve injuries Sports injuries Joint pain like shoulders, hips or [...]

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What is an Osteopath?


What is an Osteopath? Osteopaths are government registered, allied health professionals who have extensive knowledge of the neuro-musculoskeletal system, functional anatomy, and biomechanics (how each part of the body interacts and affects every other parts of the body). Osteopathy is a type of physical therapy which promotes a [...]

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Pelvic Floor Problems


Pelvic Floor Problems In general, there is not a good public understanding of what the pelvic floor is and what it does. To some degree, it’s a phrase like “rotator cuff” or “hip flexors” that is used often but without a good appreciation of what’s being talked [...]

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