North Melbourne, meet your local Osteopath – Dr Jason Lee

Jason is an old North Melbourne inhabitant who arrived into a career in osteopathy by a happy twist of fate… Having spent much of his active, yet accident prone youth being patched up by compassionate health professionals, it was only a matter of time before he joined their ranks. Jason’s a highly qualified therapist with a Cert. IV in Massage, a Diploma of Remedial Massage and a Double Bachelor of Health & Applied Sciences (majoring in Osteopathy). He graduated in 2016 from the Osteopathy program at RMIT, and has worked as an Osteopath in private practice, in Melbourne’s inner north ever since.

Jason has been part of Melbourne Osteohealth for several years now, beginning as a massage therapist, he progressed to be our remedial massage therapist and now Osteopath. Prior to his career in osteopathy, Jason enjoyed a rewarding career as an architect. He worked on large and small scale projects in Victoria and abroad. Architecture enabled him to hone his attention to detail while still considering the overarching design and function of the whole structure. Jason’s love for working with complex structures to achieve something elegant and functional flowed through into osteopathy, and is reflected in his approach to patient care.

North Melbourne Osteopath – Dr Jason Lee

North Melbourne Osteopath – Dr Jason Lee

Jason’s education continues as he pursues postgraduate courses in the Cranial and Biodynamic fields of osteopathy. He believes synchronicity and balance to be the cornerstones to good health, both for a body in motion and at rest.

Jason still tries to keep active. He is an avid weight trainer, enjoys Crossfit, and provides onsite health support to competing team members at local competitions. Putting injured athletes back on their fields is rewarding, but Jason also enjoys treating patients from all walks and all ages.

Winter is Jason’s favourite season and is the time of year when he is most active. He enjoys snowboarding because it provides a great, thrilling workout… and you can’t beat those great mountain views!

Jason is a warm and friendly therapist with a unique understanding of the benefits of movement and manual therapy in injury prevention and recovery. His own training provides a working knowledge of how a well maintained body can boost athletic training and performance.

Years of experience as a massage therapist have given Jason confident hands that can balance being both gentle and effective.

Being a Cross-fitter and doing weight training was in some respects a ‘how-not-to’ learning experience that made him appreciate how much misinformation was about in the fitness and weight lifting worlds. Jason really enjoys setting the record straight with athletes and helping them understand how to bridge the gap that exists between their current capabilities and their performance goals.

Shoulder injuries, low back pain and sports or lifting injuries are his thing. 

Jason is registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority (AHPRA), Medicare, TAC and the Victorian Workcover Authority.

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