Back Pain and Injury

80% of us will suffer debilitating back pain in our lifetime, It’s the leading cause of incapacity in people under the age of 50

Disc bulges or prolapse, arthritis, joint sprains, muscle strains or spasms, nerve entrapments or Sciatica

The problem

Back pain can present in a variety of ways and it will be a little different for each person. It can range from a mild backache to intense and debilitating pain but rest assured, back pain doesn’t always mean you’ve  damaged something and the majority of back injuries are minor – even if they are extremely painful!

You may experience any or all of the following:

  • Persistent aching or stiffness along the spine, from the base of the neck to the hips
  • Sharp, localized pain in the neck, upper or lower back – especially on movement or other activity
  • Dull aching in the mid or lower back after sitting or standing for extended periods
  • Pain that radiates from the low back to the buttock, thigh, calf or toes
  • Inability to stand up straight without severe pain or muscle spasm in the back or neck
  • Other symptoms such as numbness, tingling or burning in the back, limbs, or even the hands and feet

Who it affects

Back pain can effect almost anyone, we see it in the elderly, in the young and active and in many people with other health conditions.

What we do about it

At Melbourne Osteohealth, we work hard to get you back on track following illness or injury, we plan for progress and continually reassess your condition to keep you on track to reaching your goals. Our therapists will put together a plan that draws on the most reliable strategies to treat your back pain.

For more info on spinal disc injuries, check out our page on Disc Bulge or Prolapse.

physical therapy
physical therapy

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