Pelvic Floor Problems


Pelvic Floor Problems In general, there is not a good public understanding of what the pelvic floor is and what it does. To some degree, it’s a phrase like “rotator cuff” or “hip flexors” that is used often but without a good appreciation of what’s being talked [...]

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The Pelvic Floor


The Pelvic Floor The “pelvic floor” refers to a group of muscles that attach to the front, back and sides of the pelvic bone and sacrum (the large bone at the bottom of your spine, just above the tailbone). Like a sling or hammock, these muscles support [...]

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Pilates for Pelvic Floor Activation


Pilates for Pelvic Floor Activation If you Google “pelvic floor” you will get some pretty interesting advice and claims and even *ahem* devices to help you with your pelvic floor... How did a group of small (but important) muscles get so much attention? The muscles at the [...]

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Following an Exercise Plan


We all have the best intentions when setting an exercise plan but following it always seems to be harder than creating it! Here are some strategies for actually following your plan... When are you free? Write down all the daily tasks you complete over a week. Then [...]

Following an Exercise Plan2018-12-28T22:12:45+10:00
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