Myotherapy for Neck Pain


Myotherapy for Neck Pain Many of us will experience neck pain, tension or stiffness at some point. It is a common area to hold stress when life gets busy, and it is commonly overworked and strained when we spend too much time sedentary, looking at [...]

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Clinical Pilates for Neck Pain


Clinical Pilates for Neck Pain The neck is an area where most people have experienced pain at some point over their lifetime. Consider two of the important survival functions of the neck; firstly, the neck obviously supports and moves the head and, secondly, the nerves [...]

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World Diabetes Day


World Diabetes Day 1 in 2 people globally have undiagnosed diabetes World Diabetes Day is held annually on November 14, the same day in 1922 insulin was discovered by Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best. Diabetes is a chronic condition characterised by high levels of glucose in the [...]

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Antibiotic Awareness Week


Antibiotic Awareness Week 2018 Antibiotic Awareness Week (12 – 18 November 2018) “aims to draw attention to the role of effective use of antibiotics in preventing and containing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) [1][2].” Bacteria are a type of biological cell. They are everywhere; it’s estimated there are 5x10^30 bacteria [...]

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