Myotherapy for Neck Pain

Many of us will experience neck pain, tension or stiffness at some point. It is a common area to hold stress when life gets busy, and it is commonly overworked and strained when we spend too much time sedentary, looking at screens.

Our necks are also very slender and mobile, making them vulnerable to injury when we take a tumble or sustain an impact in sport. Whatever the cause, neck pain can be very debilitating.

Serious injuries like whiplash following a car accident can leave long standing muscle imbalances and joint restrictions for years following the event, particularly if it is not assessed and treated correctly.

These injuries commonly result in weakness of the deep postural muscles in the neck and excessive tension in the bigger muscles, as they try to compensate for the loss of strength. These overworked, bigger muscles – like the upper trapezius at the back of your neck and SCM and the front – can then be a source of headache and facial pain.

Luckily, Myotherapy and Remedial Massage can be effective at treating muscle spasms and joint restrictions and can help alleviate the symptoms of whiplash associated disorder (WAD) and many other neck injuries or dysfunctions.

male physical therapist stretching
person giving massage to mature woman in spa

As you can see in the video above, there are several myofascial release techniques that can help to reduce muscle tension and improve pain. The use of joint mobilisations can be a great way to restore the smooth sliding and gliding of the joints in the neck, which can help you regain motion and have you doing head-checks comfortably again…

Whether you are sore following a fall, a car accident, or from spending too long at the computer as we approach the EOFY, you could benefit from Myotherapy and Remedial Massage treatments.  It is important to have your neck pain assessed and diagnosed correctly before undergoing treatment of any type; if you’re interested in what that may look like you can have a look at our Assessment videos from our series.

If you’re suffering with neck pain, why not come in and see one of our myotherapists, we have lots of experience in helping patients recover well from these types of injuries and we’d love to help you feel good again!

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