World Diabetes Day 2020


World Diabetes Day World Diabetes Day is held annually on November 14, the same day in 1922 insulin was discovered by Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best. Diabetes is a chronic condition characterised by high levels of glucose in the blood. As the incidence of diabetes has increased, [...]

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Exercise Guidelines: Resistance


How much exercise is enough? What is resistance exercise? Resistance exercise is any exercise that uses external resistance to improve muscular fitness. This includes using traditional free weights (dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells), weight machines, body weight, elastic tubing, medicine balls or household items like milk jugs or cans. By [...]

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Exercise Guidelines: Cardiovascular


How much exercise is enough? How much exercise is enough? The answer might be encouraging or disheartening depending on where you stand. The all-around good news is that the exercise guidelines are achievable with the right attitude and preparation. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends • ≥30 minutes [...]

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What’s causing my headaches?


What's causing my headaches? Headaches are common. They are the single most commonly reported illness and they have a tendency to be frequent in those prone to them, so the burden of illness is often significant. They can come at great social, occupational and financial cost to [...]

What’s causing my headaches?2018-12-04T14:27:10+10:00
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