We have lots of  lovely gentlemen come to see us here at the clinic but definitely on highest rotation seem to be our tradies. On the whole they aren’t known for being an overly health conscious bunch but with a little effort and a smidge of  help even the humble tradesman can find health and well-being.

There are a number of challenge’s that face the tradesman and they’re not unlike the challenges that we all face but they just might be on a heftier scale.

Healthy food choices can be tough at the best of times but when you’re starting work at the crack of dawn and working hard as an ox, you need to be fuelled and that means you need to be prepped the night before if you want to be fuelled well. A good quality thermos can go a long way to helping turn your leftovers into a hot and hearty lunch with almost no effort at all, no kitchen facilities needed!

Maintaining a varied array of physical activities and movements can also be a challenge; whether your tied to a desk, a jack-hammer or a bobcat  all day makes little difference, you’re probably not getting the frequency or variety of movement you need to keep physically healthy. Saving a little energy for a run or a swim can be tough when you have a labour intensive job but the mental, emotional and physical health benefits of regular movement can be MASSIVE so try to squeeze a couple of regular work outs into your weekly routine.

The other key challenge for tradesmen with repetitive jobs is avoiding injury and that’s where we can help!  Here is a breakdown of some of the ways we can help tradies stay in tip top shape healthy-tradies