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Coming Back From Illness & Injury


Coming Back From Illness & Injury Coming back from an injury or illness is a challenge and the road is rarely smooth. To ensure your efforts don't get derailed, your recovery should be managed carefully so that you are only recovering once, and not setting yourself up for a [...]

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What’s wrong with my upper back?


What's wrong with my upper back? The upper back  is a common problem area, especially for desk-bound workers, hairdressers and chefs but not all pain in this area relates to the upper back itself. This region forms the base for the upper limb to work from but [...]

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Functional trunk movement


Functional trunk movement Your trunk, aka. your torso makes up the bulk of your body and houses most of your vital organs like your heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. It is a complex structure that performs many important roles; It provides protection for these important organs – so [...]

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Wood Chop for Trunk Strength


Wood Chops for Building Trunk Strength Our torsos are usually doing one of two things when we train. The first is we brace and hold, while moving the limbs around it. This is typical with all the heavier lifts such as squats, deadlifts and even pull ups. Locking [...]

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