Osteopathic treatment for hip pain

Hip pain and stiffness are common… in the elderly… in runners and sporting types… in pregnant women… you get the drift, it’s common and we see a lot of it!

But not all hip pain is the same and it shouldn’t all be treated the same way. In fact there are many different manual therapy approaches that can be helpful in treating hip pain and stiffness; massage, manipulation and functional movement and mobilisation are all really useful in the right scenario.

The art in any therapy is in the selection of the right technique for the right problem, in the right patient

So at MOH, we always start out the same way with every patient, we take a detailed history and do a comprehensive orthopedic, neurological and functional assessment so that we get to know the problem and the patient. This makes selecting the right treatments much easier. In this video we’ve provided a snapshot of the osteopathic treatment of a stiff and painful hip to give you an idea of what to expect from an osteopathic visit. In the video below you can see one of our osteopaths, Della demonstrating some simple manual therapy techniques to improve hip rotation:

a chiropractor stretches

These sorts of osteopathic techniques typically have immediate benefits like improved joint movement, decreased muscle tension and decreased pain sensitivity. You’ll usually notice that this improves your ability to do things from the minute you get back on your feet. In this way we can help you create a window of opportunity for increased activity like walking and loading.

Restoring functional mobility to the hip can improve your foot placement and knee control in walking and running activities and it can also help increase your loading tolerance and performance in these activities , particularly where hip function is a limiting factor.

Restoring function and progressive reloading are integral parts of the MOH active approach to pain and injury. This is because they are critical to successful recovery; the only way you can do more with less pain is to build functional capacity.

Want to know more?

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