Improving hip function

The hips have a big job, they have to move about a lot and carry the entire trunk while they do it so they’re one of those areas of the body that often get sore. And at times it can be difficult to work out why… Is it because you sit too long, or is it because you stand too long? Is it because you have started doing a new exercise, or is it because you don’t exercise? Is it because you are walking the wrong way or wearing the wrong shoes…?

These factors might contribute to your hip pain but these are not really the questions that need answering. The most important question is;

Why are your hips unable to meet your daily demands on them?

Your hips need to be flexible enough to allow for full range of movement, and they need to be strong enough to control your body weight and momentum. This applies to strenuous activities like running, jumping and squatting but also to basic daily activities like walking about and getting in and out of chairs.

medical 3d illustration of a painful hip joint

At MOH we commonly see hip pain in active people who play sports like football, tennis, and netball who require intense loading and sudden recoil through the hips – like rapidly changing direction or leaping up to catch a ball. It is also common for us to see these same people struggle to perform very simple, low load functional tasks like balancing on one leg or squatting without losing control of their hip joint.

Improving strength and control in these basic movements can greatly improve your symptoms and limit future injury or aggravation.

It is also important to recognise that your hip function is influenced by your low back, knee and foot function. Poor coordination between your lumbar spine, hips and legs can put you at risk of pain or injury to the hip.  That’s why we always perform a comprehensive functional assessment of how these areas work together; this is a critical step in putting together a treatment and rehabilitation plan for any hip injury.

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