Myotherapy for hip pain & dysfunction

The hip is involved in almost every movement we do throughout the day. Whether sitting in the office chair, walking the dog or playing sport, all these activities require some level of hip movement. When the hip isn’t conditioned for performing at this level, it may be painful or just feel stiff on doing these  activities.

Getting to the bottom of these symptoms can be tricky and it often requires an in depth examination or assessment. Remember that not all ‘hip pain’ actually comes from the hip either, it can be referred from back and abdominal pathology also so sometimes this sort of examination is an important step to rule out the hip as the source of your pain.

Hip pain and injury is common in athletes who play sports that require rapid changes in direction, like football or netball.

Players need to have their hips and surrounding muscles working together well to perform these physical feats. Having a solid base of strength and endurance in these areas will allow you to compete at a higher level for longer.

This is also true in the general population, strength and endurance will often allow you to go about your daily routine pain free and feeling better balanced. Hip function is especially important in the aging population when osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and falls prevention become critical health issues.

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Myotherapy can help address the muscles and joints of the hip region with some simple movement based techniques to really improve range of movement. This will allow you to more with less pain and possibly allow you to move into higher load exercises which can accelerate recovery reduce the risk of further injury.

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