14 Reasons you should try Clinical Pilates


14 Reasons you should try Clinical Pilates The benefits of Clinical Pilates are immense. Clinical pilates is a form of clinical rehabilitation where exercise based treatment is used to focus on restoring normal movement, posture and functional capacity within the body. To rehabilitate from a particular injury we [...]

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Building Neck Strength


Building Neck Strength For the most part, we don’t train our necks. In fact, I’d bet a pretty penny that your gym program covers almost everything from feet up to chest and upper back, maybe even a weighted shrug… but nothing higher. Unless we’re race car drivers, wrestlers, [...]

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Deadlifts for Low Back Strength


Deadlifts for Low Back Strength When we say low back we’re really referring to the whole lumbopelvic region. It’s a wide area with many joints and complicated relationships between stability vs mobility and huge amounts of force crossing over the entire region. It’s the keystone that locks in [...]

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Pilates for your hips


Pilates for your hips The hip bone is connected to the leg bone but also to the 'back bones' When you are trying to achieve pelvic and lumbar stability, it’s important that your hip can move freely and independently of your spine like you can see in our [...]

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