Pilates and your knees


Pilates and your knees Pilates is often thought of as solely focused on "the core" and restricting that to a region somewhere in the trunk near the belly button. But you need to think much broader than that. Pilates is about control, co-ordination, strength and good form, which [...]

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Effective Foot & Ankle Strengthening


Effective Foot & Ankle Strengthening One of the best and simplest exercises to build strength through the foot and ankle region is the eccentric calf raise. Eccentric contraction is when a muscle lengthens while you’re contracting it. No, you didn’t read that wrong, we really do mean your [...]

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Pilates and Function Fit – a powerful combination


An Intelligent Approach Pilates at Melbourne Osteohealth is part of our approach to functional fitness; helping you to move better and feel better and addressing any specific problems or issues you may have (e.g. sore back, stiff neck, hip pain, shoulder pain etc.) It is an intelligent approach to exercise & rehabilitation; a personalised program [...]

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Back Pain and Pilates


Debilitating back pain of some form will affect 80% of us in our lifetime. It’s also the biggest cause of incapacity for people under 50. Back pain can vary quite a bit but generally includes aching or stiffness anywhere along the spine. Depending on the cause it may include a radiating pain that you feel [...]

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