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Myotherapy and Shoulder Blade Pain


Myotherapy and Shoulder Blade Pain The shoulder blade is a common area for pain and functional limitation in patients so we thought we’d take a closer look at the importance of this region and what can be done to address some of the most common problems we see [...]

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Functional Shoulder Assessment


Functional Shoulder Assessment When we assess patients with pain and injury we really need to look at how things work as a whole. Taking an Osteopathic approach to the assessment of shoulder pain means we’ll look at the movement and function of the scapular (shoulder blade), the thoracic [...]

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Building shoulder strength


Building shoulder strength Shoulders are difficult…  They are the highly mobile & agile connection between the arms and trunk, with the scapula (shoulder blade) connecting the two. This arrangement allows you to push, pull, reach and twist in an array of functional movements, making your upper limbs incredibly [...]

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