Osteo, Physio, Chiro… What’s the difference?


Osteo, Physio, Chiro... What's the difference? If you’re recovering from an injury, experiencing aches and pains, or having trouble with movement and mobility, it seems there is an almost never ending choice of therapists and practitioners who might be able to help you. The tricky part is knowing [...]

Osteo, Physio, Chiro… What’s the difference?2020-01-14T10:50:05+10:00

Osteopathy for the Rotator Cuff


Osteopathy and the Rotator Cuff Shoulder complaints are super common in the manual medicine and physical therapies realm. We see shoulder pain and injury in association with a range of work and sporting activities that are repetitive, involve overhead work or heavy loads. Some of the more common [...]

Osteopathy for the Rotator Cuff2018-11-30T14:08:29+10:00

Myotherapy and Shoulder Blade Pain


Myotherapy and Shoulder Blade Pain The shoulder blade is a common area for pain and functional limitation in patients so we thought we’d take a closer look at the importance of this region and what can be done to address some of the most common problems we see [...]

Myotherapy and Shoulder Blade Pain2018-11-30T14:09:17+10:00
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