Osteopathy and the Rotator Cuff

Shoulder complaints are super common in the manual medicine and physical therapies realm. We see shoulder pain and injury in association with a range of work and sporting activities that are repetitive, involve overhead work or heavy loads. Some of the more common problems include tendinopathies, bursitis, and dislocations and frequently, one of these things will lead to another, making shoulders notoriously tricky. The key in addressing shoulders is developing  a comprehensive plan that simultaneously addresses pain, strength, mobility and coordination.


  • There are 17 muscles that attach to the shoulder blade, 4 of those are collectively called the rotator cuff
  • The rotator cuff works to provide stability during movement & loading
  • Because the scapular acts as the anchor point of the cuff, positioning and control of the scapular allows for optimal shoulder joint stability and power

Our Osteopathic treatment of rotator cuff injuries is characteristically holistic and will take into account both global biomechanics and broader health factors like activity levels, diet and sleep. From a biomechanical perspective we aim to improve the function and movement of the shoulder joint, the scapular and the thoracic spine as well as the neck and the low back. We’ll use a broad range of gentle hands-on treatments to achieve this like massage, mobilisation and assisted stretches. You can see Melinda perform some of these in the video below:

male physical therapist massaging
physiotherapy - therapist doing arm strenghteninh excercises

The MOH ‘Complete Care’ approach means that to complement your hands on treatment, we’ll also provide a comprehensive care plan which may include stretching, strengthening and mobility exercises as well as advice on any important changes to work, sport  and lifestyle activities. It’s this overall approach that really helps us get better outcomes for clients..

To find out more about how to better treat and rehabilitate your specific shoulder pain, please call 03 8370 3044 or book online to see one of our Osteopaths; click here.

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