The MOH Guide to the 7 Most Common Running Injuries


The MOH Guide to the 7 Most Common Running Injuries If you're a runner, the joy of running really is unlike anything else. But, the repetition of movements involved means training volume can quickly become hard on the body. We’ve all heard the stories or maybe even experienced [...]

The MOH Guide to the 7 Most Common Running Injuries2019-05-31T16:32:33+10:00

Myotherapy for Ankle Dysfunction


Myotherapy for Ankle Pain & Dysfunction Ankle stiffness is super-duper common and one of the single biggest risk factors for other lower limb injuries (think hip or knee)… It’s even a risk factor for back pain and a common cause of poor foot mechanics and fallen arches. Ankle [...]

Myotherapy for Ankle Dysfunction2018-12-04T14:24:03+10:00

Pilates for your feet & ankles?


Clinical Pilates for your feet & ankles? The foot and ankle are important for many daily tasks and can have a profound influence on knee, hip and back function. And while it's probably pretty clear that mobility at the ankle can help determine how efficiently and comfortably your [...]

Pilates for your feet & ankles?2018-11-30T14:53:32+10:00

Assessing your foot function


Assessing your foot function Walking is one of those critical, baseline functions that we all need to be able to perform... every single day! Any trouble walking can mean real difficulty in your everyday work and social activities so it’s something we tend to take seriously and address [...]

Assessing your foot function2018-11-30T14:19:11+10:00