Clinical Pilates for your feet & ankles?

The foot and ankle are important for many daily tasks and can have a profound influence on knee, hip and back function. And while it’s probably pretty clear that mobility at the ankle can help determine how efficiently and comfortably your feet, hip and spine cope with a long walk, it’s probably less obvious that when we look at whole body activities like throwing sports. We can also see that alterations in foot and ankle function can affect how you use your shoulder and upper limb.

If your knee, hip or back have to compensate for poor ankle function they will sooner or later let you know about it!

feet of family in bed

People often think of Pilates as something you do lying on a mat or with specialised equipment and think about how it can strengthen your core or your back but can’t imagine how it can be a targeted exercise specifically for the foot and ankle. In general, there isn’t much awareness around how Pilates can effectively improve your foot and ankle function but in the same way it improves your overall posture it can also help improve specific aspects of posture such as foot placement and ankle posture.

The exercises in this video show some of the basic ways we can use Pilates to help improve how you move and load your foot and ankle and how this impacts other areas of your body.


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