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Pilates has become increasingly popular over the last decade, which is reassuring that it’s not just some passing fad! In fact it has become widely accepted by many musculo-skeletal therapists as a powerful adjunct to treatment for a wide variety of issues; including lower back pain, hip, neck and shoulder pain as well to improve fitness, flexibility and co-ordination.

MOH Pilates Instructor Leo Di Giorgio explains 5 reasons why you and your body will love Pilates:

  • Strength with Flexibility –

“Resistance training can make you stronger, and Yoga more flexible, but Pilates can give you both.” Leo says “The exercises conducted in a Pilates session will strengthen postural muscles and improve your ability to reach and stretch. This can result in a leaner, stronger physique”, he added. So, unless you’re looking to lift some serious weights (or even if you are!), Pilates may be ideal to include in your routine.

  • Your Posture will Improve –

“Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye” so Val Doonican sang (you can Google it). Pilates can help you find a better standing and sitting posture and the strength to MAINTAIN it throughout the day by developing stronger postural muscles and better head, neck, shoulder and hip alignment. Also, “slumping” in your chair or sofa should feel less comfortable and easier to avoid.

  • Focus and Concentration –

“This is my favourite unexpected benefit of Pilates”, says Leo. “When I was an office worker I used to be stressed and sore by the end of a day answering phones and working at a computer. I used to find Yoga relaxing but I found I would leave Pilates a little more focussed and in a better mood.” Leo attributes this to the focus and concentration needed to perform the Pilates exercises. “In Pilates, you need to pay attention and be aware of what you are doing with your body; it’s a great way to leave the day’s problems and focus on YOURSELF during the session.”

  • You will Get Fitter and Perform Better –

Fitness is a combination of a number of things; strength, flexibility, stamina. To develop abilities in all these areas you need exercises that can challenge you in all these ways. Pilates is a great ‘all-rounder’ that can help your performance in many other activities; like swimming, running, golf, tennis; most sports really. “Clients tell me they enjoy their other activities more and feel like they’re better at them.” Leo adds.

  • Pilates is safe –

“While there is risk in any form of activity, Pilates is quite a safe form of exercise that can easily be scale up or down to suit the individual”, says Leo. At Melbourne Osteohealth, Pilates sessions have a maximum class size of 2. “This means you’re under close supervision throughout and the session is closely tailored to you and highly effective for your needs”, he added.