An Intelligent Approach

Pilates at Melbourne Osteohealth is part of our approach to functional fitness; helping you to move better and feel better and addressing any specific problems or issues you may have
(e.g. sore back, stiff neck, hip pain, shoulder pain etc.)

It is an intelligent approach to exercise & rehabilitation; a personalised program of specific exercises, individually tailored to correct your posture, balance your imbalances and strengthen your weaknesses…all under the guidance of a registered osteopath.

Pilates is great for a whole range of common problems:

  • Knee injuries including ligament tears, running & sport injuries
  • Shoulder injuries like rotator cuff tears, tendonitis & impingement
  • Spondyloarthropathy, Spondylolisthesis, arthritis
  • Low back pain, sciatica and pinched nerves
  • Hip injuries like labral tears, bursitis and arthritis
  • Disc bulges and herniations in the back and neck
  • Whiplash, neck pain and headaches
  • Postural problems, thoracic and rib pain
  • Pelvic instabilities and pregnancy related pain
  • Fracture and trauma rehabilitation
  • Foot and ankle pain, including plantar fasciitis
  • Pre and post-surgical rehabilitation

Preventive Medicine

However, at Melbourne Osteohealth, we consider Pilates is also real preventative medicine in action; an evidence based approach to your musculoskeletal health…it’ll help you strengthen your core, reduce your pain and prevent re-injury…. all while building a stronger, leaner body!

We understand that every body is different so we’ll thoroughly assess you to work out exactly what’s working well and what isn’t; ensuring that your individual tailored program reduces your pain, rehabilitates your injuries and helps prevent re-injury….it’s that simple. Consequently, we ask that your first visit is a one hour Comprehensive Functional Assessment which is free if booked in between 10 am and 3 pm. This appointment with an Osteopath will run through your health history as well as orthopaedic assessments to identify the areas that need to be targeted in your Pilates and Function Fit practice.

Accelerate the benefits

We recommend two 30-minute classes per week to our clients: one is a Pilates class and the second is a Functional Corrective class, which is similar to Pilates but in our clinic we have found this combination accelerates the benefits of the Pilates classes. The group classes are limited to 3 people maximum and consist of mat work and equipment work in our light and bright studio. One-on-One classes are also available for your convenience and these can be booked whenever an Osteopath or qualified instructor is available in our clinic.

If your health insurance fund covers osteopathy, fitness or wellness programs, you might find you also qualify for rebates for the classes. With HiCaps at our clinic, depending on how you pay you will also be able to claim on the spot.

Convenient Times

Once you have had your assessment and clinic orientation, you can book into one of our small group classes or a one-on-one classes.  Look at our timetable to find a time convenient for you.