Myotherapy for Knee Pain & Dysfunction

Our Myotherapists  use a variety of soft-tissue techniques that can provide significant and lasting relief of knee pain.  Applied myotherapy for knee pain serves to increase range of motion and decrease soft-tissue restrictions and most importantly, decrease the pain associated with myofascial dysfunction.

Repetitive high-volume sports like cycling and running, injuries past and present, and degenerative conditions in the over-used or ageing knee can all limit knee function. Improving movement and function helps you to quickly return to your normal daily activities and the sports/hobbies you love.

Your history and assessment help our myotherapists to determine which structures contribute to, or might be affected by, your knee pain. This allows us to create a treatment plan that aims to provide you with the best and most immediate results.

In the video below you can watch a myofascial release to the quadriceps and the hamstring muscle groups, both big players in knee function – quads bend the knee and hamstrings straighten.

woman runner has injured knee
chiropractor massaging

Myofascial release uses gentle, sustained pressure to release tension and restrictions of this important connective tissue (fascia).  Release techniques can be applied actively (with you moving your knee) or passively (where we move your knee for you) through joint range.

Other myotherapy techniques we commonly use to treat knee problems include general massage, cupping, dry needling, and stretching of the calves, popliteus (behind the knee), TFL (attached to the infamous ITB), and even muscles of the hip and lower back region may be explored if found to be indicated or affected by your condition.

At the end of the treatment we will re-assess your knee function and together, you and your myotherapist, will discuss strengthening and lengthening activities you can perform at home to take pro-active care of your knee health and return to everyday, enjoyable movement.

If you have knee pain, don’t delay, book an appointment with one of our caring and qualified myotherapists today.

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