Functional exercises for your knees

Knee pain is something that we see a lot of at MOH. Unsurprising with the number of MAMILs in Melbourne’s inner city… (that’s middle-aged men in Lycra for those scratching their heads at home)

Repetitive activities like cycling and running are common contributors to knee complaints, and age related degeneration is the other major player in persistent knee pain.

Whether it is sports related injury to the ligaments, degeneration of the cartilage, or something going wrong with the muscles and tendons surrounding the knee, it is important to maintain mobility, strength and control of the knee joint to achieve the best recovery possible.

Unresolved knee injuries can impact on the entire leg and low back.

It may change the way we walk and run, the way we bend and squat, and worst of all it may actually prevent us from returning to the physical activities we enjoy most.

Addressing any restrictions below the knee is a vital part of the process, and it is very common for us to focus on your foot and ankle function when we get you started on a rehabilitation program. Similarly, identifying if there are hip issues contributing to the problem is also essential for a full recovery.

two women playing squash
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Your entire leg functions as a unit, in a coordinated fashion and your knee can suffer if there are restrictions or weaknesses either above or below.

We know from the research that knee stability is highly dependent on hamstring strength, as well as quadriceps, abductor and adductor muscle strength. These groups of muscles act to control knee movement and loading as well as providing joint stability in each direction. This fact is especially relevant for anyone performing activities that require sudden changes in direction, like soccer or netball players.

At MOH we tend to prescribe a combination of mobility and muscle strengthening exercises for our knee rehabilitation programs. Whether we have you working on the Pilates Reformer or performing bodyweight exercises, you can be assured that we will address every aspect necessary to help improve your knee function.

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