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Back or neck pain? Headache or a sports injury? We’re here to help!

We take a global view of the body and truly understand how everything is connected, so we treat a wide variety of conditions with a holistic approach. From back pain and disc bulges to shoulder, hip and knee injuries, we’ll help you get back on track.

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    Who we see

    At Melbourne Osteohealth, we see a wide range of people with a variety of complaints:

    • Professionals in pain from working extended hours at a desk
    • Tradespeople that do repeated heavy lifting or overhead work
    • Athletes at all levels of competition and ability
    • People with arthritis and aches & pains

    Located in the heart of North Melbourne, we also tend to see designers, musicians and artists who can experience problems as a result of spending hours in repeated positions or postures perfecting their craft.

    Conditions we treat

    We offer quality care for a broad range of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and metabolic conditions. Our multi-service approach means we’ll help you through every stage of injury recovery, from rehabilitation to return to sport. Conditions we treat often include:

    Back Pain and Injury ∙ Neck Pain and Injury ∙ Headache and Migraine ∙ Spondylolisthesis ∙ Hip pain and injury ∙ Disc Bulge and Prolapse ∙ Sciatica ∙ Knee Pain and Injury ∙ Shoulder Pain and Injury ∙ Ankle pain and injury ∙ Pelvic Floor Dysfunction ∙ Pregnancy Related Pain

    How we treat

    Our Osteopaths skillfully apply a variety of gentle ‘hands on’ techniques to target key contributors of your pain and provide you with relief. These techniques include:

    • Massage and Myofascial release to help relax muscles
    • Articulations to gently increase joint movement
    • MET to maximise movement with gentle muscle contractions
    • Gentle joint manipulations to restore movement instantly
    • Lymphatic techniques to improve circulation
    • Neurodynamic techniques to normalise nerve mobility and decrease sensitivity
    physical therapy
    physical therapy
    physical therapy

    Choose your Osteopath

    Our Osteopaths will use their skill, knowledge and experience to help you return to normal, healthy function.  Each of our Osteopaths has different areas of interest and expertise, so please take a moment to read about them and choose the Osteopath that’s right for you. If you’re not sure who is best to help you, touch base and we can help match you with the perfect practitioner for you.

    Dr Della Buttigieg,
    Dr Della Buttigieg,Osteopath
    Della is the Practice Principal at Melbourne Osteohealth and a leader in the osteopathic profession. She takes great pleasure in helping people take charge of their health to overcome chronic pain & injury.

    Chronic neck, back and shoulder injuries are her forte.

    Dr Melinda Vicino,
    Dr Melinda Vicino,Senior Osteopath
    With a background in tennis and a young family of her own, Melinda has a keen interest in sports injuries and osteopathy for children & pregnancy related conditions.

    When she’s not at MOH Mel also works as a work-place ergonomics consultant.

    Dr Jason Lee, Osteo,
    Dr Jason Lee, Osteo,Massage Therapist
    Jason is a keen weight trainer and Crossfitter whose interest in biomechanics gives him a deep understanding of the benefits of movement and manual therapy in performance and injury recovery.

    Jason is the osteopath to see for lifting injuries.


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    If you need help choosing an Osteopath, call us on (03) 8370 3044 to speak to one of our friendly team. We’ll happily help you work out who is most suited to see you.


    If you’re not sure if we can help or what type of treatment you might need, book a “Free Injury Assessment” and we’ll help get you on the path to recovery.

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    If at any time you’re not satisfied with our care or service, contact us and we’ll happily arrange a free second opinion with one of our other practitioners.

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