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Bachelor Applied Science (Osteopathy) – RMIT
B.A.Sc (Osteo)
Bachelor of Science (Health Science) – RMIT
B.Sci (Health)

Diploma of Remedial Massage
Dip.Remedial Massage
Bachelor of Architecture – Melbourne University

Bachelor of Planning and Design (Property and Construction) – Melbourne University

Before becoming an osteopath, I was a miserable Architect. Making the change to osteopathy has greatly and positively impacted my work-life balance and my overall happiness.

My favourite past-times are eating, gaming and weight training… and eating, did I mention eating?

Don’t tell anyone but when I’m really surprised, I scream like Homer Simpson!

Being a Cross-fitter in some respects was a ‘how-not-to’ learning experience that made me appreciate how much misinformation was about in the fitness and weight lifting worlds. I really enjoy setting the record straight with athlete’s and helping them understand how to bridge the gap that exists between their current capabilities and their performance goals.

Shoulder injuries, low back pain and sports or lifting injuries are my thing.

It was important to me to work in a practice that aligned with my own beliefs about the importance of keeping strong and active.

The MOH ethos is about driving us to be the best practitioners we can be, and the team are great, so I’ve never been happier in a job.

Jason is an avid weight trainer and Crossfitter whose keen interest in human movement, biomechanics and performance lead him from his old life as an architect to pursue a career in Osteopathy.

He’s a highly qualified therapist with a Cert. IV in Massage, a Diploma of Remedial Massage and a Double Bachelor of Health & Applied Sciences (majoring in Osteopathy).

Jason is a warm and friendly therapist with a unique understanding of the benefits of movement and manual therapy in injury prevention and recovery. His own training provides a working knowledge of how a well maintained body can boost athletic training and performance.

Years of experience as a massage therapist have given Jason confident hands that can balance being both gentle and effective.

Jason is registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority (AHPRA), Medicare, TAC and the Victorian Workcover Authority.

Shoulder injuries, low back pain and sports or lifting injuries are my thing

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