In need of a little motivation to move?

Every time you lace up those sneakers to exercise you:

  • Increase endorphin production and improve moodeffectively treating and/or decreasing the risk of anxiety and depression
  • Improve glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity effectively treating and/or decreasing the risk of diabetes, obesity and all of the problems that come with those conditions, think heart disease, stroke and blindness
  • Decrease blood pressure and cholesteroleffectively treating and/or decreasing the risk of  heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases and stroke
  • Boost metabolism to burn more energy at rest effectively treating and/or decreasing the risk of  weight gain and obesity and aiding treatment of hypothyroidism 
  • Increase mitochondria for improved energy levels – treating and/or decreasing the risk of chronic fatigue and aiding in the management of specific mitochondrial disorders
  • Stimulate bone mineralisation to build bone density – slowing the rate of age related bone loss and decreasing the risk of osteoporosis and osteopenia 
  • Enhance immune function – decreasing the risk of a range of common illnesses and infections and improving regulation of the immune system in those with autoimmune disorders, think Rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Lupus or Psoriasis among others  
  • Decrease the risk of many cancersproven to decrease the risk of colorectal, breast and endometrial cancer, and there is emerging evidence for reduced risk of other cancers such as prostate, lung and ovarian cancer. Exercise is also a key adjunct therapy in the treatment of many cancers and improves patient outcomes when used alongside chemo and radiotherapy 
  • Increase blood supply to the brain and increase neuronal regeneration in the brain – Improving cognitive function and memory and slowing the rate of age related neuronal loss as well as aiding treatment of and/or decreasing the risk of dementia
  • Build stronger ligaments, tendons, and joints  and decrease your sensitivity to pain – effectively treating and/or decreasing the risk of  almost any and every musculoskeletal pain, injury or disease… yes really…
  • Improve flexibility and balance and decrease your risk of injury and falls – decreasing the risk of  all kinds of trauma and injury but not least fractures and intracranial bleeds, both of which frequently require surgery 
  • Improve sleep quality and quantity – effectively treating and/or decreasing the risk of  insomnia, dementia and chronic pain
  • Slow the rate of ageing – And making you look younger!
  • Increase sex drive and fertility – Exercise is a key adjunct therapy in treating and/or decreasing the risk of infertility and a range of sex hormone imbalances, think PCOS and low testosterone 
  • Increase longevitypeople who exercise regularly live on average 7 years longer than those who don’t!


Do I need to go on?  Believe me I can… GET MOVING…


** The only caveat here is that you actually have to do the exercise after you’ve laced up the sneakers **

group of happy young friends running
fitness, sport
young couple training with weights at gym
Two men playing match of squash.
Underwater shot of swimmer training in the pool

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