World Glaucoma Week March 10-16, 2019

Glaucoma is the leading preventable cause of irreversible blindness; by 2040, over 110 million people around the world will have glaucoma. Regular eye exams are the best way to protect against the damage caused by glaucoma.

Glaucoma progressively damages vision, and it can do so without warning causing damage that isn’t obvious until it’s too late!  Treatment can effectively limit progression of the disease but it cannot reverse damage that has already been done. So it is crucial you have your eyes tested regularly… the less damage done, the more of your vision can be saved.

What can you do to prevent Glaucoma?

Currently, regular eye exams are the best prevention against significant glaucoma damage.  Early detection and careful, lifelong treatment can maintain vision in most people.

So how often should you have your eyes checked?

  • Before 40 – every two to four years
  • From 40 to 60 – every two to three years
  • After 60 – every year
  • For anyone with high risk, you should be tested every year or two after 35.

You will have higher risk if you:

  • Are of African descent
  • Have a family history of glaucoma (risk increases 10 fold if your parent or sibling has glaucoma)
  • Have any one of various medical conditions
    • Diabetes
    • Sleep apnoea
    • High or low blood pressure
    • Migraine

While there is no known prevention or cure for glaucoma, blindness and significant vision loss from glaucoma can often be avoided with early treatment.

Regular, moderate intensity exercise will benefit your overall health and your eyes are no different. Walking or jogging three times weekly can lower internal eye pressure but the benefits from exercise last only as long as you continue exercising regularly.

Want to know more about exercising to suit your particular health needs?

See Marissa our accredited exercise physiologist, she can help you balance a program that minimises your risk and maximises your ability to participate and enjoy life.

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