Osteopath Carlton


Here at Melbourne Osteohealth, we believe that getting your body back to full performance by restoring movement and function is the recipe for successful long-term pain relief. Our approach at our Carlton osteopathy clinic is simple and efficient; we focus on reducing the symptoms and treating the exact causes of pain, which supports the body in healing and restoring itself.

Osteopathy Carlton

Osteopathy recognises that pain in one area can cause widespread symptoms to other areas of the body, therefore, detecting the type and source of pain is our primary task. Clinical research has supported osteopathy as an effective force in managing musculoskeletal pains like back and neck pain, and at its maximum it can be used to target a whole range of other complaints like headaches and arthritis.

Conveniently located in Carlton, your osteopath will work with you to restore your body to its optimal state so that its natural potential to heal itself becomes achievable. In this way, we aim to encourage your body to work to its fullest potential.

We deliver our treatment with an honest dedication to your health and wellbeing, without over emphasising our ability or methods. Our team consists of highly trained professionals who will examine your case and discuss with you the possible treatment options available to you. Our primary goal is to help you improve your health and function over a period of time and to deliver verifiable and effective results.