All the benefits of regular massage at a fantastic price!

At Melbourne Osteohealth we really believe in the awesome benefits of a regular massage so we’re working to keep it affordable… we’ve created the MOH Massage Value Pack.

The benefits of booking a regular massage are many, but imagine how good a FREE MASSAGE would feel!

Buy a FIVE-pack of 60 minute massages and only pay for FOUR MASSAGES – the 5th massage is FREE!

You can book any type of 60 minute massage we provide, for example: –

  • Relaxation Massage – a wonderful way to improve your mood and cope with grey, chilly winter weather
  • Remedial Massage Treatment – an affordable way to address a chronic issue you have been putting up with
  • Sports Massage – a great way to get back into your training program
  • Pregnancy Massage – a wonderful present for a partner or a friend (or for yourself!) during and after pregnancy

AND you have 12 MONTHS to use the 5 massages. So you can use the massages HOW & WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE IT and you can book your massages for ANY AVAILABLE massage time too!

Treat yourself to better health this year!!