AMAZING news!!

Compared with people who don’t run, researchers in a recent american investigation found a significantly reduced risk of death in those who:

  • ran less than six miles a week (that’s 9.7 km)
  • ran slower than six miles per hour
  • ran just once or twice per week

This is AMAZING news because according to most of my patients, the biggest obstacle that limits exercise is time! And now we know that you don’t have to run for long (5-10 minutes a day will still increase your life expectancy!) and you don’t have to be fast, you don’t even have to be good at it or enjoy it for that matter…you just have to get out there and start doing it!

Overall, runners gained about three years of life over their non-runners and had a 30% lower risk of all-cause mortality and a 45% lower risk of cardiovascular mortality.

Run more, live more…Simple!