Transverse Abdomen (TA) Activation – Find it and Strengthen it

This muscle has been much debated in fitness circles for decades. For many practitioners, the concept of ‘strong core’ often either:
– OVERLOOKS this muscle – to focus on your Obliques and Rectus Abdominus (the “6 pack” muscle); or
– OVERLOCKS this muscle – maintaining a rigid spine which is neither comfortable or useful for your posture.

The TA is your deepest layer of abdominal muscle; connecting the lumbar spine to the pelvic girdle it’s sometimes referred to as your body’s “corset” helping keep your tummy flat. Your TA should be strong AND responsive to help support the loads your spine is under due to the activities you take part in every day.

The first step to good TA activation to “find” your TA! The easiest place to feel it is at the bony prominence at your hips.

Simple exercises and training strategies (like in the photos below) can help change the way you use your TA and how you handle load. Like the neutral spine, this is one of the building blocks or foundations of the Function Fit program.

So if you want to be able to do more with less pain come and see one of our osteopaths for a personalized plan.