Osteopathy was established in the late 1800’s as an alternative to the archaic and dangerous medical practices of that period. It was designed to offer a safer approach to the healing of internal, systemic ailments through manipulation of the physical body. This idea still serves as the underlying philosophy of the practice. In conjunction with an ever-growing body of scientific evidence we have seen a modernisation of osteopathy to what it is now – an evidence-based, holistic approach to healthcare. Osteopaths are government registered healthcare practitioners who undertake 5 years of university training in the fields of Science and Health Science.

Osteopathy is a form of Allied Healthcare which recognises the relationship between our human form, how it functions, and how these factors influence our general health. Your Osteopath will look at the links between the structure and function or your musculoskeletal system and how this impacts the health of other systems, such as your  cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems. They will assess your biomechanics and observe any postural imbalances and movement impairments that may be responsible for your symptoms.

Osteopaths incorporate a broad range of manual techniques including:

  • Soft tissue massage, stretching and muscle energy techniques to improve the resting tone and flexibility of the connective tissues

  • Gentle joint mobilisation and spinal manipulation to help restore the sliding and gliding movements necessary for optimal joint kinematics, or joint function.

At MOH we also offer classes in Functional Movement and Clinical Pilates to complement the traditional Osteopathic approach. After years of clinical observation that the benefits of traditional osteopathic medicine are amplified by a structured rehabilitation and exercise program, the MOH model was developed to offer you a comprehensive health service under one roof.

Our goal at MOH is to help you achieve the optimal strength, flexibility and movement patterns that will help you to do the things you love, and to achieve your goals.