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Have you ever wondered if clinical pilates or exercise rehabilitation could help you?

Maybe you have an old injury that just won’t seem to get better or maybe you just seem generally injury prone and can’t seem to keep yourself active for long enough to actually achieve your goals… either way, we can likely help you.

We’ll conduct a comprehensive assessment of your mobility, movement quality, strength and coordination so that we can realistically determine if you’re likely to benefit from a tailored rehab program and based on these results we can then tailor a program to target your specific weaknesses and improve your overall health and function.

This comprehensive style of assessment allows us to produce a thorough report with measurable outcomes so that we can track your progress in real terms.

The aim of function fit is simple, we work with you to get you from where you are to where you want to be..we’ll also aim to help you achieve that as quickly as possible by supporting and guiding you through all of the ways you can enhance progress at home with additional exercise, mobility and injury management strategies.

With function fit you can expect to be fitter, faster, stronger and better balanced.

Free comprehensive functional assessments are available Monday to Friday 10am -3pm with any of our registered osteopaths so click here to book now, just click the booking button at the top of the page.

Please note that assessments booked during peak times will be billed at the standard rate, complimentary assessments are only available at the specified times.