Good News!!  Spring is coming!

UNLESS you suffer from allergies or Asthma.

Approximately 2.3 million Australians suffer from Asthma (Source: Asthma Australia) and up to 2/3 of Australians from allergies (Source: Australian Society of Clinical Immunologists and Allergists).

See your GP if you think you need help identifying or managing allergy symptoms because they can be serious. Proper management can improve your quality of life and enjoyment of outdoor activities.


One of the obvious consequences of Asthma and allergies is difficulty breathing. This can result in you compensating by altering your breathing patterns; for example, by  lifting your shoulders “to get a breath in”. This can result in neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and even rib pain from excessive coughing. Osteopathy and Massage can help with the musculoskeletal effects of difficult breathing such as these.

Headaches especially can be due to an allergy (e.g.sinusitis) but they can also often be due to muscles or joints irritated by changes in breathing.

So make an appointment with us at Melbourne Osteohealth if you find your pain isn’t going away even after treating your allergy or asthma.