Sleep Awareness Week 2020


Sleep Awareness Week It’s the National Sleep Foundation’s annual Sleep Awareness Week (August 3-9). Their mission is to highlight the critical importance of good sleep as a fundamental foundation for health, happiness and productivity. Every animal ever studies sleeps and indeed must sleep to maintain health, we  humans [...]

Sleep Awareness Week 20202020-07-02T22:03:24+10:00

Staying well through winter


Staying well through winter We're all about health maintenance, staying active and injury free, so this winter, there will be no turning into a couch potato! We've put together a few simple tips to ensure you know how to give your body every chance of staying fit, healthy and [...]

Staying well through winter2019-06-12T23:29:12+10:00

Can mindfulness actually help me feel less pain?


Can mindfulness actually help me feel less pain? Mindfulness is about being ‘present’ or in the moment – not trying to split your attention between multiple thoughts or tasks. While the idea is really quite simple, practising mindfulness is not always easy. It takes some discipline and it [...]

Can mindfulness actually help me feel less pain?2019-05-08T16:15:05+10:00
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