Building Neck Strength


Building Neck Strength For the most part, we don’t train our necks. In fact, I’d bet a pretty penny that your gym program covers almost everything from feet up to chest and upper back, maybe even a weighted shrug… but nothing higher. Unless we’re race car drivers, wrestlers, [...]

Building Neck Strength2019-04-29T10:35:27+10:00

Mobility for the Neck


Mobility for the Neck I could confidently say that almost every adult on the planet knows how it feels to have neck tension or stiffness. There are a million reasons why this might be, but I am pretty confident when I say that it is [...]

Mobility for the Neck2018-11-30T14:18:14+10:00

Osteopathy for the Thoracic Spine


Osteopathy for the Thoracic Spine Back pain can affect anyone from teenagers to the elderly. Commonly this is due to neuromuscular irritation, joint sprains, or trauma. If you’re a little bit older, then degenerative and inflammatory conditions can also play part in causing pain. Spondylosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid [...]

Osteopathy for the Thoracic Spine2020-03-31T11:05:25+10:00

Wood Chop for Trunk Strength


Wood Chops for Building Trunk Strength Our torsos are usually doing one of two things when we train. The first is we brace and hold, while moving the limbs around it. This is typical with all the heavier lifts such as squats, deadlifts and even pull ups. Locking [...]

Wood Chop for Trunk Strength2018-05-29T07:27:01+10:00
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