Meet Carlton Osteopath – Dr Paul Attenborough


Meet Carlton Osteopath - Dr Paul Attenborough Paul’s interest in healthcare began when he was 18 years old. He signed up for his first Kung Fu class. After experiencing for himself, just how critical physical exercise, mindfulness and good nutrition were for his health, he decided to draw [...]

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The Principles of Osteopathy


The Principles of Osteopathy The guiding principles of osteopathy are based on the philosophies of founder Dr Andrew Taylor Still but have been refined and expanded in the century and a half since Osteopathy was established. The way an Osteopath approaches the treatment and management of every patient [...]

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What’s causing my headaches?


What's causing my headaches? Headaches are common. They are the single most commonly reported illness and they have a tendency to be frequent in those prone to them, so the burden of illness is often significant. They can come at great social, occupational and financial cost to [...]

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What’s wrong with my neck?


What's wrong with my neck? Neck pain is common. Most of us experience neck pain and tension from time to time. If we stop to think about it for just a moment we’ll often recognise that we get it when we’re tired, we’re stressed or we’ve done [...]

What’s wrong with my neck?2018-11-30T15:51:25+10:00
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