Meet Carlton Osteopath – Dr Nicola Stevens


Meet Carlton Osteopath - Dr Nicola Stevens Nicola is a new Osteopath here at Melbourne Osteohealth. She started working with us here in Carlton back in February after graduating from Victoria University’s Osteopathy program last year. Nic completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement before her [...]

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Osteopathy for the Thoracic Spine


Osteopathy for the Thoracic Spine Back pain can affect anyone from teenagers to the elderly. Commonly this is due to neuromuscular irritation, joint sprains, or trauma. If you’re a little bit older, then degenerative and inflammatory conditions can also play part in causing pain. Spondylosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid [...]

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Myotherapy for hip dysfunction


Myotherapy for hip pain & dysfunction The hip is involved in almost every movement we do throughout the day. Whether sitting in the office chair, walking the dog or playing sport, all these activities require some level of hip movement. When the hip isn’t conditioned for performing at this [...]

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Myotherapy for Ankle Dysfunction


Myotherapy for Ankle Pain & Dysfunction Ankle stiffness is super-duper common and one of the single biggest risk factors for other lower limb injuries (think hip or knee)… It’s even a risk factor for back pain and a common cause of poor foot mechanics and fallen arches. Ankle [...]

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