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What’s causing my headaches?


What's causing my headaches? Headaches are common. They are the single most commonly reported illness and they have a tendency to be frequent in those prone to them, so the burden of illness is often significant. They can come at great social, occupational and financial cost to [...]

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Myotherapy for Neck Pain


Myotherapy for Neck Pain Many of us will experience neck pain, tension or stiffness at some point. It is a common area to hold stress when life gets busy, and it is commonly overworked and strained when we spend too much time sedentary, looking at [...]

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Clinical Pilates for Neck Pain


Clinical Pilates for Neck Pain The neck is an area where most people have experienced pain at some point over their lifetime. Consider two of the important survival functions of the neck; firstly, the neck obviously supports and moves the head and, secondly, the nerves [...]

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What’s wrong with my neck?


What's wrong with my neck? Neck pain is common. Most of us experience neck pain and tension from time to time. If we stop to think about it for just a moment we’ll often recognise that we get it when we’re tired, we’re stressed or we’ve done [...]

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