Meet Carlton Osteopath – Dr Paul Attenborough


Meet Carlton Osteopath - Dr Paul Attenborough Paul’s interest in healthcare began when he was 18 years old. He signed up for his first Kung Fu class. After experiencing for himself, just how critical physical exercise, mindfulness and good nutrition were for his health, he decided to draw [...]

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What’s causing my headaches?


What's causing my headaches? Headaches are common. They are the single most commonly reported illness and they have a tendency to be frequent in those prone to them, so the burden of illness is often significant. They can come at great social, occupational and financial cost to [...]

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Myotherapy and Lumbopelvic Pain


Myotherapy for Lumbopelvic Pain Lower back pain is super common, effecting people of all ages, levels of activity and health. Myotherapy treatments can be a helpful option when addressing discomfort, pain and dysfunction of the low back or lumbopelvic region. When you consider the role of the pelvis in [...]

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Myotherapy for hip dysfunction


Myotherapy for hip pain & dysfunction The hip is involved in almost every movement we do throughout the day. Whether sitting in the office chair, walking the dog or playing sport, all these activities require some level of hip movement. When the hip isn’t conditioned for performing at this [...]

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