Our top 10 tips for beating breastfeeding related pain


Our top 10 tips for beating breastfeeding related pain  There’s lots of talk about breast and nipple pain for new mums, and with cracked nipples, thrush and mastitis - all that chatter is well deserved! What doesn’t tend to get quite so much airtime is the back and [...]

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What is an Osteopath?


What is an Osteopath? Osteopaths are government registered, allied health professionals who have extensive knowledge of the neuro-musculoskeletal system, functional anatomy, and biomechanics (how each part of the body interacts and affects every other parts of the body). Osteopathy is a type of physical therapy which promotes a [...]

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Myotherapy and Lumbopelvic Pain


Myotherapy for Lumbopelvic Pain Lower back pain is super common, effecting people of all ages, levels of activity and health. Myotherapy treatments can be a helpful option when addressing discomfort, pain and dysfunction of the low back or lumbopelvic region. When you consider the role of the pelvis in [...]

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