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Osteopathy for Low Back Pain


Osteopathy for Low Back Pain According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, there are approximately 2.8 million Australians currently living with back pain and disc disorders. That’s a whopping 11.6% of the population... but it gets worse... Over our lifetimes around 80% of us will have [...]

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What’s wrong with my hip?


What's wrong with my hip? This is typically the first question people ask when they come in with pain or injury, "what's wrong with my..." but the better question to ask is probably, is there something wrong with my hip? You see, not all pain means tissue damage [...]

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Osteopathic treatment for hip pain


Osteopathic treatment for hip pain Hip pain and stiffness are common... in the elderly... in runners and sporting types... in pregnant women... you get the drift, it's common and we see a lot of it! But not all hip pain is the same and it shouldn't all be [...]

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Improving hip function


Improving hip function The hips have a big job, they have to move about a lot and carry the entire trunk while they do it so they're one of those areas of the body that often get sore. And at times it can be difficult to work out [...]

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