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The MOH Guide to the 7 Most Common Running Injuries


The MOH Guide to the 7 Most Common Running Injuries If you're a runner, the joy of running really is unlike anything else. But, the repetition of movements involved means training volume can quickly become hard on the body. We’ve all heard the stories or maybe even experienced [...]

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Why see an Osteopath?


Why see an Osteopath? As osteopaths, we can treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal and pain conditions (acute or chronic), including but not limited to: Arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid) Headaches and Migraines Neck and back pain Sciatica and nerve injuries Sports injuries Joint pain like shoulders, hips or [...]

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Myotherapy for hip dysfunction


Myotherapy for hip pain & dysfunction The hip is involved in almost every movement we do throughout the day. Whether sitting in the office chair, walking the dog or playing sport, all these activities require some level of hip movement. When the hip isn’t conditioned for performing at this [...]

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Pilates for low back strength & stability


Pilates for low back strength & stability In last month's blog I mentioned that it’s important that your hip can move freely and independently of your spine. It’s also important though that your lower back and pelvis can work together effectively and efficiently. Dysfunction in the lumbo-pelvic region [...]

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