How’s your squat looking? You got the basics down?


How's your squat looking? You got the basics down? The Squat As part of our MOH Basic Lifting Blog Series, we’re trying to put together a simple guide for the more common lifts we see with weight training. We’re not trying to write the definitive “one size fits [...]

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Managing cholesterol with exercise


Managing Cholesterol with Exercise High Cholesterol Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is in part consumed in our foods and in part produced by our liver to supply our cells with the right building material for cell wall and hormone construction. At the right levels it’s necessary and [...]

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Exercise Guidelines: Resistance


How much exercise is enough? What is resistance exercise? Resistance exercise is any exercise that uses external resistance to improve muscular fitness. This includes using traditional free weights (dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells), weight machines, body weight, elastic tubing, medicine balls or household items like milk jugs or cans. By [...]

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