Core stability

14 Reasons you should try Clinical Pilates


14 Reasons you should try Clinical Pilates The benefits of Clinical Pilates are immense. Clinical pilates is a form of clinical rehabilitation where exercise based treatment is used to focus on restoring normal movement, posture and functional capacity within the body. To rehabilitate from a particular injury we [...]

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Pilates, Trunk Strength & Stability


Pilates for Trunk Strength & Stability Your trunk or torso is the combination of your back, abdomen, chest and pelvis. This great big, composite structure does many things, including the very obvious joining of your upper and lower body together. In joining the upper and lower body together [...]

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Core Strength


There are many myths and misconceptions about core stability and strength that have become popular in the fitness and rehabilitation industries in recent years. Everywhere you look, someone is imploring you to ‘train your core’. Osteopaths are seeing an increasing number of people who have fallen victim to an often misguided approach to exercise. Back, [...]

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