Osteopathy for the Thoracic Spine


Osteopathy for the Thoracic Spine Back pain can affect anyone from teenagers to the elderly. Commonly this is due to neuromuscular irritation, joint sprains, or trauma. If you’re a little bit older, then degenerative and inflammatory conditions can also play part in causing pain. Spondylosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid [...]

Osteopathy for the Thoracic Spine2020-03-31T11:05:25+10:00

What’s wrong with my low-back?


What's wrong with my low-back? This is typically the first question people ask when they come in with back pain but the better question is probably, is there something wrong with my back? Now I know that intense pain can be overwhelming and the idea that more [...]

What’s wrong with my low-back?2018-11-29T20:38:49+10:00
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