Sports Massage Fitzroy


Remedial massage therapy is a massage technique that is specifically designed to aid in the relief of muscle pain, strains, and sprains.

Our remedial massage near Fitzroy doesn’t just target the symptoms, but also the cause of the pain. It aims to ultimately work towards aiding and stimulating the internal healing system of the body.

Remedial massage is designed to enhance the healing process by stimulating nerves and blood flow helping the immune system to do its job. The other benefits offered by remedial massage include reduced muscle tension, this ultimately leads to deep relaxation and relief from soreness and stiffness. This type of therapy may also aid with certain conditions, including neck and back pain, sciatica, strains and sprains, shoulder injuries, fibrositis or fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

Sports Massage Therapist Fitzroy

Our therapists specialise in offering sports massage to clients near Fitzroy, using advanced techniques designed to help treat sports ailments or injuries. Sports massage therapy is not limited to just sports activities, it can be utilised by anyone who exercises — be it a mild form of exercise like walking, or something more intense. It is not designed to be a relaxing massage; instead, it can be quite vigorous at times and really hones in on problem areas.

The main focus of this kind of massage is to alleviate the tension and stress  and restoring movement and flexibility. Sports massage may help patients experience improvements in their physical performance and their endurance levels, and it can also aid in speeding up the recovery of an injury.

This type of massage can be done after, during, or before playing a sport. It focuses on each and every body part for relieving tension. It encompasses techniques like deep tissue massage and assisted stretching.

Therapeutic Massage Fitzroy

Our therapeutic massage near Fitzroy offers a perfect blend of remedial massage and relaxation massage. The techniques derived from relaxation massage help to soothe your entire body.

The benefits of a good massage

At our clinic in Carlton we provide individually tailored remedial massage treatments to suit your specific needs.

Remedial massage can:

  • reduce pain
  • reduce muscle spasm and joint stiffness
  • promote flexibility and ease of movement
  • improve blood supply to muscles
  • improve soft tissue injury healing
  • aid recovery from sporting events
  • promote deep relaxation

Remedial massage is great for treating:

  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Headaches

Remedial massage can also be an effective adjunct therapy in the management of chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, complex regional pain syndrome and many others.