Sports Massage Collingwood


Remedial or therapeutic massage is a safe and effective way of treating many common aches, pains and injuries.

Our remedial massage therapists, conveniently located near Collingwood, work to target the root of your problem and aim to stimulate your body’s own recovery mechanisms.

Remedial massage involves the clinical assessment and targeted treatment of muscles, tendons and ligaments in order to help relieve a specific muscular or myofascial tension or pain. Our therapeutic approach combines deep tissue massage and mobilisation techniques to improve muscular flexibility, improve movement and stimulate blood flow.

This sort of massage is very useful in reducing soreness and stiffness and enhancing  mobility and function.

Our clinic is modern, clean and conveniently located near Collingwood.

Sports Massage Therapist Collingwood

Sports massage is specially designed to help treat sports injuries and improve sporting performance, regardless of your level of competition. It’s effective in anyone who is into any sort of exercise or physical activity, including cycling, running or even regular walking.

Our approach to sports massage is a combination of direct, targeted soft tissue work to the injured area and a broader review of all of the other areas that might have contributed to the injury or might limit the ability of the injury to recover and repair well.

Our sports massage Collingwood team provides professional injury treatment and recovery programs designed to assist in the recovery period and potentially reduce the chances of sustaining further injury. Improving flexibility and movement can also improve your performance, your efficiency and your overall endurance.

Therapeutic Massage Collingwood

The process of therapeutic massage involves manipulation of soft tissues in order to maintain optimal health and physical fitness. It not only relieves muscle tension and stress, but also provides a sense of wellbeing.

The benefits of a good massage

At our clinic near Collingwood we provide individually tailored remedial massage treatments to suit your specific needs.

Remedial massage can:

  • reduce pain
  • reduce muscle spasm and joint stiffness
  • promote flexibility and ease of movement
  • improve blood supply to muscles
  • improve soft tissue injury healing
  • aid recovery from sporting events
  • promote deep relaxation

Remedial massage is great for treating:

  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Headaches

Remedial massage can also be an effective adjunct therapy in the management of chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, complex regional pain syndrome and many others.