Group Training

Clinical Exercise improves outcomes in injury, illness & disability, Group training at MOH makes rehabilitation fun

Clinical Exercise & Pilates

Our comprehensive clinical exercise service has been thoughtfully developed to deliver the highest quality care at an affordable price. Depending on your specific clinical needs and your personal preferences, we provide both one-on-one sessions and small group classes. An initial assessment will always be conducted to determine which is most appropriate for you.

Who we see

We work with people of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. If you want to improve your health and fitness or you are living with a chronic injury, disease or disability; we can help. From initial injury or illness to return to work and competitive sports, we can help you build the strength, mobility, coordination and control you need… All while having a little fun!

Our classes

Our classes are small, personal and personalised so you won’t get lost in the crowd and your individual needs and goals will always be catered to.

We offer a number of small group exercise classes:

  • Clinical Pilates – targeted training to develop core strength & control, and fine-tune how you move
  • Developmental Moves – personalised exercise programs to help kids build strength, coordination and confidence regardless of their abilities
  • Group Training – individualised exercise programs in a group setting, suitable for those with a wide variety of illnesses and injuries
  • Diabetes Specific Training – combined strength and cardio training to improve your health, fitness and functional capacity
happy senior couple sitting on fitness balls
Group of young sporty people in Bird dog pose

Group Training Timetable

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  
7 am   Group Training         7 am
8 am   Group Training Group Training Group Training Group Training   8 am
9 am         Group Training Group Training 9 am
10 am           Group Training 10 am
11 am           Diabetes Specific  11am
12 pm             12 pm
12:30 pm     Group Training   Group Training   12:30 pm
1 pm             1 pm
2 pm             2 pm
3 pm Group Training           3 pm
4 pm Developmental Group Training         4 pm
5 pm   Group Training   Group Training     5 pm
6 pm Group Training Group Training   Group Training     6 pm
7 pm             7 pm
3:00 pm Group Training
4:00 pm Developmental
6:00 pm Group Training
7:00 am Group Training
8:00 am Group Training
4:00 pm Group Training
5:00 pm Group Training
6:00 pm Group Training
8:00 am Group Training
12:30 pm Group Training
8:00 am Group Training
5:00 pm Group Training
6:00 pm Group Training
8:00 am Group Training
9:00 am Group Training
12:30 pm Group Training
9:00 am Group Training
10:00 am Group Training
11:00 am Diabetes Specific

Clinical Exercise & Group Training Fees

Initial Consult

Clinical Pilates & Exercise Therapies
Duration 60 min
Investment $90 – $120
Treatment Take patient history, assess, test, diagnose, treat, refer, exercise prescription and/or recommendations
Pathway to Results Treatment Plan  (Full Action Plan)

Follow Up Appointments

Clinical Pilates & Exercise Therapies
Duration Individual – 30 min   /   Small Group – 45 min
Investment Individual – $60 – $90   /   Small Group – $20 – $30
Treatment Perform personalised exercise program under instruction. Program progressed as required.
Pathway to Results Recommendations & Advice  (Verbal Action Plan)

Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any time, you are not satisfied with our care or service, contact us and we’ll happily arrange a free second opinion with another MOH practitioner.

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