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Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (Clinical Exercise Physiology) Honours – University of Queensland

BExSc (Hons)

Cert. III Fitness, Cert. IV Fitness

I’m a sports nut, you name it, I’ve tried it…and likely purchased all the requisite equipment…

Before becoming an EP, I worked in hospitality and was part of the Royal Australian Navy; it was my passion for biomechanics and movement that lead me to a career in health and fitness.  

At school I once tripped over twice in a 100m running race and still came third. I went on to place third at state titles that year (without tripping).

Neurological and musculoskeletal pathologies are really my focal areas of clinical expertise, but I love working with clients who struggle to get started with lifestyle change.

Really helping people create change gives me a buzz. I love the way exercise creates change that soon spreads across their entire lives. Helping people achieve a goal and seeing the mental and emotional change that comes with that is awesome.

Coming from a background in public health, it was important to me to work in a practice aligned with my own values and that put client care before money, marketing and prestige.

I also wanted a positive work culture and a team that was open to new ideas, innovation and change.

ride bicycle

Caitlin is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist here at Melbourne Osteohealth. She has broad experience from the Royal Melbourne and Austin Hospitals in several areas. She has a strong interest in musculoskeletal, neurological, mental health and disability disciplines.

From an early career in the Navy, Caitlin’s background as a lifetime athlete led to an interest in pursuing further study in biomechanics. She completed her Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (Clinical Exercise Physiology) at the University of Queensland in 2014, where she also honed her passion for education as a student tutor. She successfully navigated many a student through biology, anatomy and biomechanics.

Upon graduating, she returned to her home town of Melbourne to begin her new career as an EP.

Caitlin’s approach to exercise is simple… accessibility, education and collaboration in equal measure. She prides herself on her ability to adapt exercise to your needs, challenges and successes. She firmly believes in client-focused care, where client led planning and decision-making are critical to achieving meaningful outcomes.

Outside of exercise physiology, Caitlin is an amateur racing cyclist, and can be found at the local criterium circuits of Melbourne in the summer. Cycling is the latest in a long line of sports she has far too much equipment for… rock climbing, ‘proper’ and Aussie Rules footballs, track athletics…

No matter where you’re at in your journey, Caitlin can adapt training to your needs, challenges and successes

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